Access to Health for All in Victoria

Check out HRV's latest campaign for supervised consumption services in BC

HRV formed following the closure of Victoria's only fixed-site needle exchange in 2008, fighting for fixed-sites and supervised consumption services through public education, legal pressure and street actions.

This site will no longer be updated on a regular basis, but will remain archived as documentation of a four-year grassroots struggle to hold a wayward health authority accountable to its responsibility to provide essential health services for all.

For information on related ongoing struggles in Victoria check out:

* yes2scs, a community campaign for supervised consumption services launched in Spring 2014:

* Radical Health Alliance , formed in 2013 as an alliance of front-line service workers, researchers, activists, and community members mounting campaigns to challenge regressive policies and practices that affect the health and livelihood of poor and working people:

* Allies of Drug War Survivors , formed in 2011 to support people who use drugs in challenging the violent results of stigmatization (denial of health supports, police brutality, denial of housing, denial of income supports), and challenging the war on drugs as the front-lines of the war on the poor.