Lynn Hunter

1. Do you favour the re-opening of a fixed site needle exchange in the city of Victoria?

I suggest that VIHA should be offering needle exchange services at all the hospitals and clinics they manage. This is a public health problem and VIHA has the responsibility to provide a solution.

2. Do you support the opening of a safe consumption site (like that of InSite in Vancouver) for the City of Victoria?

I believe there should be multiple safe consumption sites throughout the region in order to prevent one site attracting all of the problems.

3. What does the term harm reduction mean to you?

Harm reduction is a strategy which recognizes that illegal drugs will be used by some members of our community but that there are ways we can manage these addicted people to decrease the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.

4.  What role do you see harm reduction playing in the creation of a healthy, thriving Victoria?

I believe that we must recognize that a harm reduction strategy is part of the approach to dealing with the health challenges posed by addiction.

5. What actions will you take to ensure the City of Victoria follows the principals of harm reduction?

I will advocate that harm reduction be part of the solution

6. What is your position on the current 'war on drugs' and the Victoria Police Department’s approach to substance use and users?

I believe that drug addiction is public health problem and should be treated as such. I believe that prohibition actually contributes to increased drug activity.

7. What, if any, alternative approaches to current drug laws have you considered? Please describe.

This is federal jurisdiction but as I have described in response to #6 I consider the current approach counter- productive.

8. What further commitments or additional comments would you like to make on your position on drug use and harm reduction, as they affect your candidacy?

As a community leader I will speak out and advocate for a science based approach to this public health problem.