John Luton

1. Do you favour the re-opening of a fixed site needle exchange in the city of Victoria?


2. Do you support the opening of a safe consumption site (like that of InSite in Vancouver) for the City of Victoria?


3. What does the term harm reduction mean to you?

The provision of safe facilities and services for injection drug users and the broader decriminalization of drug use to help reduce criminal activity associated with drug addictions.

4. What role do you see harm reduction playing in the creation of a healthy, thriving Victoria?

Harm reduction can help reduce the incidence of infection, diseases and overdoses associated with street drug use and furthermore free up police resources to focus on crime rather than health and social issues.

5. What actions will you take to ensure the City of Victoria follows the principals of harm reduction?

Work to re-establish a permanent needle exchange site and to establish an Insite service.

6. What is your position on the current 'war on drugs' and the Victoria Police Department’s approach to substance use and users?

The war on drugs is misguided and users should be dealt with by health care professionals, not the police. Unfortunately, federal law dictates that the police deal with users as criminals.

7. What, if any, alternative approaches to current drug laws have you considered? Please describe.

Drug use should be decriminalized and those with addictions should have access to services and facilities for safe administration and/or treatment.

8. What further commitments or additional comments would you like to make on your position on drug use and harm reduction, as they affect your candidacy?

Our policing systems needs independent civilian oversight to maintain accountability and transparency in their operations and to identify issues related to the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.