CBC's The Hour: Dr. Julio Montaner

AIDS no longer has to be a death sentence, medical treatments for those living with HIV exists - but it's only available to a fraction of the 33 million people afflicted with the disease. One of the people trying to change that is Dr. Julio Montaner. Born and raised in Argentina, Julio came to Canada fresh out of med school. He's recognized as one of the most important HIV/AIDS researchers in the world. Montaner is fighting the disease on two fronts. First, Montaner has pioneered a triple drug therapy known as HAART, it's considered the Gold Standard treatment for HIV today. His second battle is red tape. When the Canadian Government refused to allow HAART therapy in Canada, he called them out on it - right in the middle of the 2006 federal election campaign. HAART is now available in Canada and as the newly elected president of the International AIDS Society, Montaner says he'll start calling out governments all over the world who aren't stepping up the fight against AIDS.

Under The Rug (Documentary on the closure of Victoria's needle exchange) by Hollie Ann Johnson and Emily Beinhauer

CBC's The Fifth Estate: Staying Alive

The federal government wants it shut down. The people who use it and who work there say it is saving lives. It is Insite, provincially-funded, and the first and only supervised injection site in North America where addicts can bring their drug of choice and, with the clean needles provided, can inject themselves. Insite's clients are some of the most desperate who live on Vancouver's downtown east side. Now, for the first time, cameras have been allowed inside the facility for an exclusive look at the place and the people. Follow Hana Gartner inside and make up your own mind about whether Insite is, as one federal politician has said, an "abomination", or whether there should be more of them in this country.

An evening with Dr. Gabor Maté, physician and author of "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction"
that took place July 30th at Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria, BC.

Credit: Ami Catriona of Infinite Potential Productions

An introduction to InSite, Vancouver's supervised consumption site

Video from a 2007 event in Vancouver featuring discussions with community members in support of InSite