Publications on Harm Reduction

Smoking of crack cocaine as a risk factor for HIV infection among people who use injection drugs
Report in Canadian Medical Association Journal

Kora DeBeck MPP, Thomas Kerr PhD, Kathy Li PhD, Benedikt Fischer PhD, Jane Buxton MD, JulioMontaner MD, Evan Wood MD PhD

Needle Exchange Programs - Delivery and Access Issues
Carol J Strike; Laurel Challacombe; Ted Myers; Margaret Millson
Canadian Journal of Public Health; Sep/Oct 2002; 93, 5; CBCA Reference, pg. 339

The Case for a Supervised Drug Consumption Site Trial in Victoria, British Columbia
Benedikt Fischer; Perry Kendall; Christiane Allard
BC Medical Journal; April 2008; 50, 5; pg 130.

Empirical Science Meets Moral Panic: An Analysis of the Politics of Needle Exchange
David Buchanan; Susan Shaw; Amy Ford, Merrill Singer
Journal of Public Health Policy; 2003; 24, 3/4; pg. 427-444

Harm Reduction and Human Rights: The Global Response to Drug-Related HIV Epidemics
Damon Barrett; Catherine Cook; Rick Lines; Gerry Stimson; Jamie Bridge
Published: International Harm Reduction Association

Public Opinion on Needle and Syringe Programmes: Avoiding Assumptions for Policy and Practice
Carla Treloar & Suzanne Fraser
Drug and Alcohol Review; July 2007; 26, pg. 355–361

Best Practices for British Columbia’s Harm Reduction Supply Distribution Program
BC Harm Reduction Strategies and Services Committee; River Chandler

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